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Katharina's Involvement in Community Projects


F[l]ocal Point - videoart in the making

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Art Residency at Arteles, Finland

In February 2020, Katharina was invited to participate in an art residency for writers, artists and filmmakers at Arteles in Hämeenkyrö, Finland. The art residency, located at the outskirts of a forrest, hosts more than 150 selected international artists and creative professionals per year. 

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The Elephant Project, Benaulim, Goa

Kakar Art Collective & Tara Trust Workshops

In February 2018, Dr. Alka Pande in collaboration with Wildlife Trust India, asked Katharina Kakar to contribute an elephant art sculpture for the nationwide campaign to create awareness about the shrinking numbers of the Asian elephant.


Katharina decided to involve facilitators of Tara Trust and 60 children with workshops around elephant issues. With intense effort, workshops were prepared and three summer schools for tribal and migrant children in Goa set up for April 2018, to learn about the elephant, its environment, the need of elephant-corridors, etc. through movies, pictures, discussions and art. The workshops were documented and the outcome integrated in interactive boxes within the elephant sculpture Katharina created. 



Katharina's elephant was showcased at the Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts, New Delhi, in August 2018.


Art Residency, Art Ichol, Madhya Pradesh and Art Community Camp, Janwaar, Madhya Pradesh

Between January 9-23, 2018, an art residency with the title, Disjoints & Dislocations, was organized by Katharina and hosted by Ambica Beri​, was held at Art Ichol, a creative escape near the city of Maihar in Madhya Pradesh. Seven female artists from India and abroad came together to discuss, question and reflect upon the topic of migration. Accompanied by daily sessions in and out of the studio, the resulting impact came to be so much more than a culmination of artworks alone.


Serendipity Arts Festival, Panjim, Goa

Between August and December 2016, Katharina spearheaded a project, where a selected group of 17 tribal and migrant children from Goa was introduced to art workshops that touched upon all senses. These experimental workshops opened the children to a new way of looking and accessing art. Dealing with the power of movement, touch, color, shape and music the children experienced the relationship between their emotions and the creative outcome. Based on these experiences, the group created an abstract installation, related to the issue of power and vulnerability that was exhibited at the Serendipity Arts Festival in Panjim, Goa, in December 2016.

Since 2008 

The Jamyang School Project in Leh (Ladakh)

video will be uploaded soon

Ladakh’s village population is a mix of different tribes, many of whom speak their own dialect and maintain their own cultural traditions, without a chance of getting a decent education. In 2006, two highly respected Buddhist monks in Ladakh, were entrusted by the Dalai Lama with the task of building a school in order to help some of the poorest families to get a free education for their children. The Jamyang boarding school opened its gates in 2008. The same year, Katharina visited the school and supports it since that time through sponsorships and other activities. More information can be found on

If you like to finacially support a child, send a mail to

2008 until 2019

Tara Trust - a Registered Non-Profit Organization for Free Creative Art Workshops in Goa

Tara Trust  - Engaging with Communities through Art & Imagination 

​Tara Trust is a registered non-profit organization in Goa, India, established by Katharina in 2008 with the mission to empower, educate and enable marginalized children to improve their lives.

​For 10 years, ​Tara Trust worked on a daily base in more than 30 schools and other institutions across Goa, such as anganwadis, orphanages and homes for children with disabilities. Experienced team members and volunteers from a variety of countries facilitated free weekly workshops, using art, music and movement to build confidence and create joy. With the end of the pandemic, the daily workshops will not restart, however, time bound, creative art projects across India, as Katharina's time permits, will be organised.

For more information visit

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